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Orrin C. Hudson
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Last updated: 9/13/2019
Orrin Cyril Hudson
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  Orrin believes everything Is possible If You Simply Apply Yourself. His usess his life experiences to help improve the lives of others.

We hear a lot these days about crime and violence in some of our local schools and communities but unfortunately news about the good things seldom gets any attention, Today Orrin C. Hudson is trying to make a change in that. CNN calls him the Pied Piper of Positivity. Orrin has dedicated his life to motivating and inspiring our youth to Be Someone. He coached some students to win not one, but two school chess champions this year. Orrin: "This is less about chess and more about building character. Love, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Patience, are 5 character traits that are essential to success. If we have the brightest children in the world and they don't have character, the schools have failed them and this nation has failed them. Really Be Someone is priceless. After all it is the moral development of the whole child that will determine their success in life".

Growing up poor in an Alabama housing project with family of 13, Orrin C. Hudson learned the meaning of sacrifice and community. Taught the game of chess in 1979 by his older brother, he credits chess with helping him with the focus and determination needed to be successful in life. Chess continued to be part of Orrin's personal development strategy as an adult. After having served as an Alabama State Trooper for six years followed by 10 years of owning his own car dealership, Orrin won back to back City Chess Championships in 1999 and in 2000. Winning against all odds helped Orrin realize a higher goal in life. He decided to use chess as a vehicle to teach others, adults and children alike, how to think strategically, plan effectively, and build self confidence along the way. Remembering how Abraham Lincoln's mother's advice to be someone inspired him all the way to the White House, Orrin decided to spread that simple but important message to children by founding "Be Someone, Inc." When Jane Fonda called the National Chess Federation looking for someone who could teach chess to children in an inspirational way, Orrin's name was the one she was given. A dynamic motivational speaker, Orrin extols the values of chess as a metaphor for the game of life. With such interesting titles as "Winning by Choice, The Gratitude Attitude, and The Triple "A" Success Formula", his keynote topics combine humor and personal experience with common sense approaches to finding success and happiness. As the subject of countless TV interviews including CNN, CBS, FOX, and news articles, Orrin is noted for how he shares a mindset that enables his students and audiences to believe in themselves.

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