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Mike Burke
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Last updated: 8/9/2019
Mike Burke
44 Apalachee Street
30132  United States
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603 603-401-0895 (Phone)
603 401-0895 (Mobile)
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Atomic Business Skills Training
44 Apalachee Street
30132  United States
 [ Map ]
603 401-0895 (Phone)
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  Twenty-seven of twenty-eight-year career in management:
Customer Service
Warehousing and Delivery
Sales Managment
Division Management - Managing Single Facilities
General Management - Multiple Facilities
  Business, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Education, Facilitator, Leadership, Management, Teamwork/Teambuilding, TQM
Allow me to introduce myself…
I’m Mike Burke, a Front-Line Management Trainer Based in Atlanta Georgia.
I was a front-line manager for over 27 years and worked my way up the ladder starting out as a customer service person to running multiple multi-million divisions of a Fortune 50 Company.

More Information
Why is my Front-Line Management Training For You?

BECAUSE your dream is to stand out from the pack and be recognized by upper management as someone that has the incredible ability to reduce infighting, develop teams and improve whatever situation your faced with. But, you can’t seem to find the answers to realize your dream, and you’re sick of watching less talented managers get the promotions that you want and deserve.

BECAUSE you want to stop worrying that your one wrong decision away from getting fired and knowing that with superior management skills you can find a better opportunity whenever you want.

BECAUSE you want a supercharged career that affords you the financial lifestyle you want and not struggle to make ends meet.

BECAUSE you know when one of your decisions works or doesn’t work after you implement it but you don’t know how to replicate the positives and eliminate the failures. You need a system for decision making that will ensure your making the right choice when you and your team come to a solution to advance your career.


It’s everything I wished I knew when I first started as a front-line manager back in 1987. The program is constructed with the same framework I used to resolve conflicts by using what actually worked when I implemented it and eliminating what didn’t during my almost three decades in Front Line Management.
From what to do and say when one of your best employees says, “You better fire Joe or I’m Quitting” to getting your team to agree on what temperature the office should be. Don’t laugh, that was a common conflict I faced as I went from department to department.

My course will give you the skills and the confidence you need to implement your solutions with confidence in no time flat!

BEST PART: You learn and practice your new skills at your own pace with all the materials available for download.

Ready to supercharge your leadership career?
Click here to check out my program.

Wanna Know How good I was as a Front-Line Manager?

Wanna know more about me?

I’ll keep it simple and random, with these 11 facts:

1. I loved being “in charge” and figuring out how to make things happen that managers before me couldn’t figure out. I used to give every one of my managers instructions on how to manage me. It went something like this: “Tell me your goal and what you want the situation to look like when it’s accomplished. Then let me figure out the solutions and implement it.” I was demotivated with just implementing their solutions and loved working with teams to find causes of problems and develop solutions that worked for everyone.

2. I believe everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect and no manager or supervisor has the right to disrespect or talk down to any employee.

3. After I developed my Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving System I could always know when I was using it and when I wasn’t. Sometimes when I would let my ego and emotions get in the way of neutrally resolving conflict and ignored my system my career would take 2-3 steps backward. (see #8) When I focused and used it from beginning to end I would nearly always get raises and promotions.

4. I directly managed Customer Service, Purchasing, Sales, Delivery Drivers, Warehouse People and as my career advanced management the managers of these departments. I used my same system no matter the person, position, or department.

5. For some reason, too long to explain here I started training dogs in a sport called Schutzhund. It very similar to the training police dogs go through. I failed at local trials more than I care to admit but when I am starting using my problem-solving system to figure out why I was failing and used it to develop solutions I started competing at the regional and national level. I even won a regional championship. So, my system’s not just for business! Here’s a picture of me and my dog Atom. (show photo)

6. My wife Pam and I raised for daughters and moved them from city to city even during their high school years as my career advanced. Unbelievably a couple of them still talk to me.
7. My grandfather was an Italian Immigrant who started out as an Iron Worker and worked his way to becoming the National Vice President of the Iron Workers Union. My mother was his secretary.

8. After successfully running a small union warehouse and delivery operation, I was promoted to a larger union facility division in the same city (Philadelphia). Within a month I uncovered a multi-million theft operation between my local managers and union members. This happened during contract negotiations. Needless to say, I wasn’t a popular manager with the union members and their leadership. Being young and inexperienced I let my emotions get the better of me. I didn’t follow my own system and my career went backward three steps, and it took me a couple of years to rebuild my reputation.

9. I used my same system for managing union and non-union departments and facilities. I even used it before, during, and after a six-week work stoppage (strike). It was especially effective after the strike because emotions were so raw. We got the facility up and running and more productive than ever after 3 months focusing every manager and supervisor on my problem solving and conflict resolution system. As a result of this accomplishment, I was given two additional facilities to manage.

10. I was the first front-line manager in my company to manage multiple facilities in different cities.

11. I LOVED BEING A MANAGER! I love working with individuals and teams to accomplish what everyone tells me is impossible. That’s what I want for you. But with a much smaller learning curve than what I went through.

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