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The Kay Herman Legacy Award

About the Kay Herman Legacy Award

Though Kay Herman was not a paid speaker, she was considered by many to be the force behind the beginning of what was then called the Georgia Speakers Association (GSA). At National Speakers Association’s specific request, Kay was one of GSA’s founders in 1980. She was the third president of GSA and remained on the board for several years. Kay was instrumental in creating the Professional Speakers Benefit Fund, which provides financial assistance to NSA members in need. One of her last wishes before she died in 1999 was to send the fund another check.

A member of NSA for many years, she was the wife of a CPAE—Fred Herman—and the mother of a CSP—Kay duPont, who began the initiative to honor the woman behind the founding of what we now know as NSA Georgia.

A mentor to new speakers, Kay never said “no” to a would-be speaker seeking advice or to a once-active speaker seeking motivation. It is said she even fed more than a few fledgling speakers in her time. Kay left a legacy to all in the speaking business, but especially those of us in NSA Georgia.



In 2001, the first honoree of the Kay Herman Legacy Award appropriately went to Kay duPont, the daughter who wanted to honor not only her mother's legacy and service, but others who followed who had an exemplary positive impact and contribution to NSA Georgia.



The following are guidelines by which all candidates are considered and ultimately honored to receive the Kay Herman Legacy Award:

  1. Have shown exemplary service to the chapter.
  2. Have served in a chapter leadership capacity for at least two years.
  3. Have actively participated at the national level. Stand as a positive role model within the chapter and NSA and unselfishly spend time helping other speakers grow.
  4. Selflessly promote NSA and its members and help bring in new members.
  5. Use ethical practices and professionalism in business.
  6. Continuously pursue a higher level of professionalism, constantly growing and trying to be better.


The Kay Herman Legacy Award Recipients:



    David Greenberg
     Dr. David Ryback
     June Cline, CSP
    Rob "Waldo" Waldman, CSP, CPAE
    Jim Dawson
    John Schwartz
    Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE

  Shirley Garrett, CSP
    Jean Houston Shore, CSP
    Steve Cohn, CSP
    Austin McGonigle
    Gene Griessman, Ph.D.
    Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
    Ken Futch, CSP, CPAE
    Mike Stewart
    Dick Biggs

  Kay duPont, CSP

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